Artillery Sidewinder-X1 3d printers High Precision Large Plus Size 3d printer Dual Z axis TFT Touch – Black France 220V (Entrepot fr) 8%commissions

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Artillery Sidewinder X1 is a 3D printer for professionals and amateurs. SW-X1 has a large construction volume of – 300 x 300 x 400 mm – designed to meet major challenges. More importantly, using Artillery Sidewinder X1 for printing is very simple, because the two recovery functions prevent any defects and faults caused by power outages and filament jitter. Control process and set parameters on touch screen. Enjoy easier and more successful 3D printing!

Artillery Sidewinder X1 is a All-in-one cartesian style 3D printer with ultra quiet

stepper drivers, direct drive extruder, dual Z axis, TFT touch screen.

● Standard Building Volume:
300*300*400mm large print size; 150mm/s max print speed. High accuracy printing quality, down to 50 microns.

● Easy Installation and Stable Performance:
95% pre-assembled, easy for installation.
With full aluminum frame design, very stable structure

● Developed Function:
Synchronized Dual Z System
Support power loss detection and recovery.
Support filament runout detection and recovery

● Powerful high quality accessories:
With touch screen control, , Ultra-quiet Stepper Driver. And titan style direct-drive extruder to support flexible materials.

● User-friendly matching:
110v and 220v are available, suitable for working voltage in most parts of the world.


Taille de l’emballage (L xlxh)
780 x 540 x 250mm
Poids de l’emballage
16,5 kg
Contenu du colis
1 x Kit imprimante 3D Sidewinder X1 1 x Kits de réparation 1 x Usd Disque 1 x prix Voir plus

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